We are a managed services, hospitality focused technology company created to help owners like you thrive.

We are a managed services, hospitality focused technology company created to help owners like you thrive.

Who We are Proactive, efficient, and ahead of the curve.



We foster and encourage a growth mindset that propels us forward and keeps us curious, integrating and adapting to new technology at every turn.



Taking a holistic approach, we understand that investing in connected systems and long-term partnerships are foundational to building successful businesses.



Our deep understanding of the hospitality industry partnered with tech-savvy know-how translates into invaluable insight and expertise for our clients.

Our Team Purposeful. Thoughtful. Driven. Customer Focused. That is what we strive for every day.

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Founder & CEO
Chad Mackay

Chad is the founder of Brigado and a 30-year veteran of technology consulting and hospitality operations, finance, development, and strategic planning.  Chad has a degree in BA in Accounting from Seattle University and spent 10 years in technology consulting with Andersen, Onyx Software and Rapidigm before joining the family restaurant business.  After 17 years of running Fire & Vine Hospitality, the reigns have been passed to the next generation of leadership and Chad is focused on growing Brigado into a major force in the hospitality industry.

Chad is married to Jennifer Mackay, has two sons, two dogs, and is a private pilot who enjoys backcountry flying.

Chad currently is on the Board of Visit Seattle, Washington Hospitality Association, cofounder of Third Door Coalition, and serves on the School of Hospitality Business Management Advisory Board.

Technology Strategy Lead
Ashish Singh

Ashish brings 31 years of experience working in the government, non-profit, corporate and consulting sectors.  Ashish’s expertise and knowledge is expansive when it comes POS systems including Oracle, Toast, Micros and others. The vendor relationships established with these organizations runs deep.

Ashish and the team here at Brigado love to solve problems for our clients. Identifying the root issue and presenting our clients with viable solutions to resolve the issue at hand is what makes Ashish the most satisfied at the end of the day. Having traveled the world, Ashish has deep knowledge when it comes to technology and its uses to help the hospitality industry. He has wide exposure to various technologies and platforms and has built a network of professionals to draw upon across the globe.

As a lover of good food and wine, Ashish is passionate about working with hospitality entities and solving our client’s pain points with the use of technology platforms. Ashish is invested in making IT a well -integrated part of the guest/server experience. Ashish is at his best when helping clients utilize technology as a tool to make people’s lives better.

When not making sure our clients’ systems are up and running on a 24/7 basis, you will find Ashish helping where he can to build a passionate, sustainable, healthier world for our children- specifically raising awareness and supporting research to find a cure for pediatric cancer that is near and dear to his heart.

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Client Success Manager
Jennifer Stiffler

Ensuring client success is what Jennifer is all about. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jennifer brings over 26 years of client management, sales, and marketing experience to the team. Jennifer's career spans multiple industries, predominately with a high-tech background. She has worked in every aspect  of technology from telecommunications to networking and hardware procurement for clients, to large ERP software implementations. Jennifer was a National Account Manager for an International IT company focused on implementing large enterprise resource planning projects for global companies. Aside from high tech, she has worked in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry and owned a business franchise working with small to medium sized companies in a sales and marketing capacity.

Jennifer is married to her husband Phil and has two girls. She is passionate about her kids’ sports, activities and is an avid golfer.  

Careers Join our team! We are always looking for problem solvers with a customer focused mindset.

We are always looking for a few good people! Want to work for an organization that values your input, feedback, and experience? Have you always wanted to feel heard and understood and like your opinion matters? Are you a self- starter and honest? Are you persistent and tenacious to get the task at hand completed? Do you want to work for a dynamic, growing company utilizing your skillset?

Core Values Staying true to our roots steeped in hospitality and technology driven solutions, we want to help make your business thrive.


We Believe in Trasparency.

This includes providing our clients with not just weekly snapshots of critical issues, but also providing your leadership team with monthly and quarterly reviews of technology projects completed and recommended review of projects on the horizon. We like to call it, “keeping the pulse” and helping you stay focused on your core business objectives.


We Believe in Scorecards.

We want you to be successful at all levels of your business. Brigado will work with your leadership team to examine and collaborate with you ongoing to discover the most important technology projects at any given time, keep track of those projects for you, and work with your team to accomplish those projects in the best and most efficient way possible. We will give you visibility into these projects with our state-of-the-art reporting software and tools, so you never lose sight of your projects and the dollars associated with each.


We Believe in 90-Day Goals.

Brigado knows you are working hard to climb and overcome daily challenges in your business, from staffing to delivery, to new technology to food safety. Some days it feels like you are climbing a mountain. Other days it feels like you are breezing along in your sailboat through smooth waters. We want to be your partner in all things Hospitality and on all types of days. This includes assisting your leadership team with attainable goals (we call them ‘Rocks’) and keeping your technology projects on focus, on time and on budget every week and for the quarter.

We help you break it all down. Brigado will share with you our philosophy on helping your leadership team define their technology and business goals and how to hold your team accountable and get the most out of your people. Afterall, it’s the people that make the difference. Technology is there to support them.

If you would like more information on our business consulting services, click here.


We Believe in Success.

What does success look like? We at Brigado believe in team and individual accountability while being stewards of your information technology systems. We want the best for your organization, top down. Brigado stands by each and every one of our team members and we hold ourselves accountable on a day-to-day basis for taking care of you, the client.

We hold ourselves to a high standard by being professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We take your trust in us and our abilities very seriously. There is a lot riding on ensuring your systems and software are working harmoniously. We understand those challenges and want to share our deep-rooted knowledge with you to help your business thrive and grow. Less drama. Happy employees. Translates to more revenue.


We Believe in Partnerships.

Brigado has partnered with several key stakeholders in the information systems landscape. For more information on our partnerships see here.